Partners & Suppliers

Official Bike Wear Supplier

dhb creates technical sports apparel that is designed and developed in the UK.

With over ten years’ experience in cycling, dhb now produces gear for all tri sports: swimming, cycling and running, with the aim of keeping you outside, doing what you love, all year round.

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Official Outdoor Clothing Supplier

Haglöfs is a Swedish Outdoor company, developing clothing, footwear and hardware for people who invest in an active outdoor lifestyle.

From small-scale backpack manufacturing in 1914, Haglöfs has developed into one of the world’s leading suppliers of technical and sustainable outdoor products.

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Official Online Performance Coaching Partner

At K2 they’re not just coaches. Or consultants. They are experts in readiness, because they’ve been there. From the Olympics to the boardroom, from the training camps to the front line teams.  

Not all of us can break an Olympic record. But every single one of us can learn from the science and psychology of those that do, and that is what they do.

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Official Tyre Partner

Schwalbe, with world headquarters in Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany, is the foremost bicycle tyre company in all of Western Europe and soon, North America.

As the race will be covering a number of different road types and surface conditions riders will have access to different tyres that will allow them to race. Using the best tyres from cyclo-cross, endurance racing and road cycling participants will be able to select the tyre best suited to the conditions.

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Official Nutrition Supplier

Wiggle Nutrition products are designed to taste great, be easy to consume and provide you with the nutrition you need before, during and after exercise. With a comprehensive range focussing on the three areas of hydration, energy and recovery, Wiggle Nutrition have got you covered before, during and after you activity.

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Official Bike Supplier

Wilier was born in 1906 thanks to the brilliant idea of a trader from Bassano, Pietro Dal Molin, of building bicycles on his own account. His forge or "Steel horses" rose as a small workshop along the banks of the river Brenta, at Bassano del Grappa, and it became more and more successful by keeping up with the increasing demand for bicycles.

After victories in prestigious races such as the Giro or the Tour de France, the ultimate glory was in September 2008, when Ballan won the World Road Championship in Varese on Wilier, just ahead of his illustrious teammate Cunego. Full history

Those who own a Wilier Triestina know that they didn't choose just any bike. They know that the symbol of the halberd is part of the history of cycling, and a history more than a century old.

The RTW002, coming in a bespoke Race the World livery (picture not representative), is designed to cope with the varied roads and terrain the race will cover. These carbon frames have all the attributes of a road bike but have altered geometry for more precise handling and are built to withstand rough conditions while still being fast and comfortable.

The specification we have chosen for the bike is aimed at providing the highest level of performance, balancing this with durability over long distance and ease of maintenance while on the road in remote locations.

Disk brakes are an exciting addition to bikes and Race the World will be embracing this new technology to ensure participants have full control in all conditions.

As the race will be covering a number of different road types and surface conditions riders will have access to different tyres that will allow them to race. 

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