Raymond Tse

[Software Developer], 24

It was actually my dad who heard about Race the World, he is a big enthusiast of cycling and has tried to get me into the sport for a while now. When he learned about the event, he didn’t hesitate and told me about it right away – he said I should go and here I am! It is true that it’s a great undertaking, but with the right training and support I’m sure I’ll be able to do it.

My story with cycling… 

…Started fairly recently. About a year and a half ago now I bought a road bike to commute to work thanks to the bike to work scheme. I’m still unsure of whether I’m as passionate about it as my dad, but what a better way to know than taking on such an adventure!

The reason I entered Race the World is… 

…I really liked the idea to cycle across North America, there’s so many beautiful things to see, it felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity I couldn’t let go.

I’m taking part… 

On my own.

The food I’m relying on to get me through the race is… 

Anything and everything!

What I’m doing to train… 

…Cycling to work is the biggest part of my training with 15/20 miles each way. I’ve also joined a local cycling club and I’ve met up with some of the other participants to train.

My biggest challenge will be… 

….Trying to keep up, some of the people who have entered have been cycling for a while and I want to do my best so to not let anyone down.

I’m really looking forward to… 

... Getting together in a team, becoming a unit.

Descend or ascend? 

Descend, the challenge and adrenaline of maintaining control at speed can't be beat!

Last minute thoughts before starting a race? 

When given such an opportunity as this it would be foolish to not take it on, bring it!

“My dad suggested that I enter Race the World, and I’m so glad I did! I really like the idea to cycle across the US, there are so many beautiful things to see in North America and I’m really looking forward to becoming a team unit with the other participants.” 

- Raymond Tse, participant 


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