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2015 Race - The Route

Race the World traversed North America in November 2015 from LA to Miami starting on 1 November 2015 and finished on 14 November after 13 days of racing and one sole rest day.

Riders raced in one of two formats:

Solo Enduro: When all riders ride the full distance. Their individual times are taken between designated points on the route, what we call the ‘special' section. Outside of the special section, riders are not racing but do need to cross the check points by specific times.

Team Relay: Teams race together as a unit. This is where the real team tactics come into play as there must be a minimum of 3 riders per team racing at any given time, however there is no maximum number of riders that can race at the same time. The team's time for the stage is taken on the 3rd rider to cross the stage's finish line.

Click on the maps below to learn about the characteristics, total elevation gained and distances raced for each of the stages our riders raced on.