Race The World FAQs

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Race the World?

Race the World is a global team bike race for amateurs. In 2015 we will be embarking on the USA leg.

2. What is the history behind the creation of Race the World?

The idea of Race the World was born from our observation of the human desire to push things to the limit. Drawing inspiration from iconic challenges such as the Tour de France (which itself was considered a crazy, impossible challenge when it started!), we have created the first round the world cycling race. Unlike other challenges available, we wanted to provide participants with the opportunity to undertake this race fully supported. This means making it possible for individuals to take part without having to worry about carrying bags with them, or setting up camp each night, along with the chance to create a race through some of the world’s most stunning and remote locations.

3. Who can sign up?

Race the World is open to all riders wishing to challenge themselves against some of the most challenging, remote and inspiring terrain on the planet.

You don’t have to be a “cyclist” already to take part in Race the World, but you will need to be ready to prepare physically and mentally for the challenge from the moment you sign up.

Race the World will challenge you to be part of an effective team. Playing to your personal strengths you will have to contribute to the team’s performance on the bike and also support your teammates when you are not racing.

4. What are the dates of each leg?

In 2015 we will be taking on North America
Race Village open to participants
Fri 30 October 2015
Participant briefing and familiarisation day
Sat 31 October 2015
Race Live
Sun 01 November 2015
Final day of racing and end of leg celebration party
Sat 14 November 2015
Race Village Closes
Sun 15 November 2015

We ask that all riders must be present in the Race Village 1 day prior to race depart for the start of the briefings at 09.00hrs. The race village will close at 13:00 on the Monday after the race finish. Please note catering will not be provided in the village after the race has finished. Only accommodation will be provided

We ask that all riders must be present in the Race Village 1 day prior to race depart for the start of the briefings at 09.00hrs. The race village will close at 13:00 on the Monday after the race finish. Please note catering will not be provided in the village after the race has finished. Only accommodation will be provided.

Please note that these dates are subject to change.

5. Where is each leg of Race the World?

Race the World covers four continents, over five continental legs:

·       Europe
·       Central Asia
·       East Asia
·       Australasia
·       North America 

In 2015 we will be taking on the North America leg.

6. How long is the race?

Each continental leg consists of 14 days. Within the 14 days there are 13 days of competition and one rest day near the middle of the race.

Participants are required to be in the race village an additional 1 day prior to the race departure. This will allow for a full day of briefings the day before the race starts.

7. How do I enter?

To enter Race the World, simply complete your details on the online form on our website, you will then be guided through the payment options.

8. Can I pay in instalments?

You will be able to pay either in full, or with a deposit and three further instalments. If you choose to pay by deposit and instalments, one of our team will be in touch following your initial registration to guide you through the process for instalment payments.
The maximum amount of instalments is four, including your deposit. Full payment must be made three months prior to the start of your first leg.  Failure to comply with this final date will result in your entry being disqualified. 

9. How do I know that I am entered to the race?

You will receive a confirmation email following your registration and initial payment. Your place in Race the World will be confirmed on receipt of all payments due.

10. If I wish to cancel do I receive a refund?

Yes, we are happy to offer you a refund and run the following refund policy:
-          Cancel on or before 15 January 2015 and we will offer you a 90% refund of the entry price you paid;
-          Cancel on any date between 16 January and 28 February 2015 and we will offer you a 75% refund of the entry price you paid;
-          Cancel on any date between 1 March and 31 March 2015 and we will offer you a 50% refund of the entry price you paid;
-          Cancel on any date between 1 April and 30 April 2015 and we will offer you a 25% refund of the entry price you paid;
-          We’re afraid if you cancel any time after 1 May 2015 we won’t be able to offer you any refund.
If you wish to cancel, please notify us by emailing info@racetheworldcycling,com. We aim to respond to you within 48 hours.

11. Can I transfer my place to someone else?

Yes, in the event that you are unable to take part you may transfer your place to a friend.  They will need to read and sign the event Terms and Conditions and ensure they are at an appropriate level of fitness to take part in the event.  Please email info@racetheworldcycling.com  before 1st May 2015 with details and a member of the team will be in touch.

12. My address / telephone details are no longer up to date. How do I change them?

Please email your new details to info@racetheworldcycling.com and one of our team will update your details.

13. What do I receive in the entry price?

Once you’ve signed up to take part, you will receive:
·       Information on what you need to do to get ready for travel
·       Pre-race training information and guidance and nutritional advice
·       Pre-race training with a team manager and other Race the World riders
·       Support from our office based team in the lead up to your race
We’ll provide:

·       Full race route
·       Race bike
·       Team kit
·       Pre-programmed GPS navigation equipment
·       Professional Team Manager, responsible for team strategy 
·       A specialist race mechanic per team
·       Dedicated support vehicles per team
·       Medical support throughout the race
·       3 meals a day, including on bike food
·       2 team support staff to set up camp each day
·       Private tent sleeping space 
·       Washing facilities in every camp village location
·       A media tent to charge electronic device, or share your experience with friends and family
·       Hotel stays mid and end of race
·       Post race celebration

14. What do I not receive in the entry price?

Flights: Your race fee does not include flights to, from and between Legs. As Race the World is a global race, with global participants, people could be travelling from a number of different places to the race start. Feedback from participants has also been that they want the flexibility to arrive at starts and stay at finishes at times that suit them, giving the opportunity to explore and spend time with friends and family.
Visas: Due to the international nature of Race the World, there are many different visa requirements across each leg of the race.  It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure you have the relevant visa requirements for the leg(s) on which you have registered for.

More information on visa requirements can be found on visa provider's Travcour dedicated Race the World page here


You will be required to share all your visa documentation and insurance policy details with the Race the World team before departing. More information can be found at https://racetheworld.pssportstravelinsurance.co.uk

15. How is entrant data used?

We will use your information to contact you about the race, and other Limelight Sports properties that we think will interest you. If you have agreed to be contacted by our trusted partners, you will also receive communication from them.

16. What kit will I receive pre-event?

Riders will receive all their race equipment prior to departing. We will confirm the arrival date of race equipment as soon as possible.  It is the rider's responsibility to familiarise themselves with all their kit and equipment and transport it to the race start.

17. In what format will I receive all my pre-event communications, and what should I expect?

We will contact you on a regular basis throughout – this will be in the form of email and phone. Our social media channels and the website will also provide regular updates.

18. What training will I need to do pre-race?

Although Race the World may be anything from 2 weeks to 3 and a ½ months long, the journey for participants starts long before this. Digital training guidance is provided as part of your entry, you will also need to commit to training in all conditions and riding with others to ensure you can safely compete in the event, and to the best of your ability.
This will be a physically demanding event that will require a high level of fitness for you to race day after day, but is possible for cyclists of all abilities, and with a commitment to training, is achievable to anyone who is willing to take on a physical challenge.
If you do decide to take on the challenge of competing you will be supported by dedicated Race the World staff and your team managers to ensure you are in the best possible condition to compete. 

19. Will you provide opportunities for training days with other riders?

From Spring 2015 there will be the opportunity to attend one day training rides with Race the World Team Managers, where you will start to learn the sporting and logistical systems that will enable teams to operate.
The calendar of these training days will be communicated upon sign-up, and it is mandatory to attend at least one.
Team managers will be assessing fitness and cycling proficiency at the training days. If they feel that riders require more training, then further training days will be allocated.  Any additional training days required will be at a cost to the participant of £50. 

20. Are the training days just in the UK?

Training days will be delivered in the UK. If you are unable to attend any of the training days due to living outside the UK, we will provide the support you need to train for the event. 

21. What other methods do you use to assess each rider's capabilities before seeding teams?

Participants will be required to log their training digitally. We are working with a number of providers for digital training and will update riders soon with details of the process.

22. What is the role of the Team Manager?

The Team Manager has overall responsibility for the team’s operation. Team Managers will set the daily schedule, deliver rider briefs and set the racing strategy for the day. Team Managers are your first point of call for all questions or issues you may have during the event.
Team Managers will attend the training days and provide support in the run up to the event. 

23. Once I've signed up will I be provided with any training plans and race preparation guidance?

Upon sign up you will start to receive training advice and other helpful tips to allow you to prepare for the event.

From January 2015 there will be the opportunity to attend one day training rides with Race the World team managers where you will start to learn the sporting and logistical systems that will enable teams to operate. The calendar of these training days will be communicated upon sign-up.

24. How many participants make up a team?

Teams will consist of a maximum of 12 riders per leg. Each team will have the same number of participants per leg.

25. Can I choose my own team?

Participants will be allocated to teams by Race the World, and this will be communicated before 1 July 2015. The goal of race organisation is to provide a competitive and level playing field for all the teams to create a close and exciting racing.

26. How do I ensure I can race with my friend/s / family / work colleagues?

If you wish to compete with another person please highlight this in the appropriate section of the sign up process on the website. Please note that while we will do everything possible to ensure all requests are met, it may not always be possible. 

27. Can I enter the race as an individual?

Yes. Race the World is designed for individuals. By placing you in a ready-made team you won’t need to chase or find other like-minded people to compete. However, if you want to race with friends / family / colleagues, let us know and we will aim to meet your request.

28. Is there a solo or pairs race?

The team format is based on a team of up to 12 riders racing together against other teams.

29. What is the minimum age for entrants?

Participants must have turned 18 on or before the first day of competition in the leg/s that they are racing in.

30. Is there a minimum fitness/experience requirement to participating?

Race the World will be an extremely demanding event, however is possible for cyclists of all abilities, and with a commitment to training, is achievable to anyone who is willing to take on a physical challenge

31. Can my friends and family travel with me to spectate?

Friends and family will be welcome to travel with you to the race start and can meet you at the finish of your leg. 

32. Where are the best places for friends and family to travel to?

We’d love to welcome your friends and family to the start and finish of your leg.  We would advise against them trying to follow you during the race. However, the main towns the race passes through would be possible areas to watch the race. You should be aware that Race the World do not accept responsibility for participant’s friends and family at any time.

33. Are my friends and family allowed to help me during the race?

We are only able to permit our qualified team of assigned experts to provide you with a full complement of technical and support staff throughout the race.

34. How will the race be monitored and progress/results tracked?

Each participant will have their own GPS tracker, allowing Race the World organisation staff on the race and back in Ground Control in London to monitor you throughout the competition. 

35. How can my friends and family track my progress?

All participant GPS data will be captured and displayed on our website. It's important to note, at times satellite signals may not be available as we will be in remote locations.

36. What is the race format?

The format for Race the World is a team relay. Teams compete against each other over the legs. The Team Manager will be responsible for the team’s strategy and teams must have a minimum number of team members racing at any one time. This will be decided by the Race Director for each stage. Teams can change the number of riders riding at any one time as long as it meets the minimum number specified for that day. Teams are followed by their support vehicle and riders can change over at any suitable safe location identified in the race manual.

37. What type of surfaces will the race take place on?

Race the World is a new format of racing called ‘All-Road’. Taking in a mixture of terrain and road surfaces. As we move from country to country, the landscape and road surfaces you will have to overcome will vary.

38. What type of cycling is Race the World – “All-Road” explained

All-Road is a term we have taken from mountain biking. All Mountain is a well-established term to describe a mountain bike you can take almost anywhere, from up steep hills to down technical descents and everything in between.  Race the World is centred on road racing, however to get to new countries, climbs and remote places meant we had to look at what is termed a road. Dirt, cobble, gravel, tarmac, trails, sand - let’s race them.

Race the World’s Race Director explains the All-Road concept like this “every time I get to the top of a mountain pass riding on the road there is always a dirt track that goes on up around the corner and out of sight. All-Road allows us to find out what is around that corner…….” 

39. The All-Road bike explained

Race the World bikes will have a number of key features:

Endurance frames: With teams competing for up to 12 hours a day over rough roads it is essential that the bikes are comfortable yet rigid and responsive for racing.

Disc Brakes: As Race the World will be covering all types of surfaces and conditions a reliable and efficient braking system that provides consistent braking performance is essential. Disc braking will allow riders to be in control wherever they are in the world.

Tyres: The train of thought has changed in the road tyre world. Larger diameter tyres are now proved to be just as fast as narrower tyres while providing greater comfort for longer distance. Race the World’s All-Road format will take things to another level. Teams will have access to a number of tyre choices including cyclo-cross type tyres for the most wild and remote roads in the world. 

40. How much support do Race the World provide?

Race the World teams operate like small professional cycling teams. A team consists of:
·       Team manager for team tactics and strategy
·       Team mechanic to keep bikes moving
·       2 x support crew to build camp and prepare all the things riders will need before and after racing 

41. How is the race timed?

The race is timed by GPS transponders, which will be provided, alongside back-up manual timing of each stage.

42. How do teams win a stage?

A team wins a stage by covering the distance in the shortest time while always having at least minimum number of riders competing.

43. How do teams win a continental leg?

Teams win a continental leg by the lowest accumulated time for all of the day stages raced. 

44. How do teams win the world race?

Teams win Race the World by the lowest accumulated time across all 5 continental legs raced. In 2015 we will be taking on the North America leg.

45. What are the race rules?

Race the World will have a unique set of race rules designed specifically for the event. Team Managers will be well versed with the rules but ultimately it is the responsibility of individual participants to read and understand the rules before starting the race. You can find a link to the race rules on the website.

The race rules will be managed by technical officials, and the Race Director’s decision is final.

46. Are we racing on closed roads?

Race the World will be ridden on multiple road types, sometimes on closed roads, sometimes on open roads, sometimes off the beaten track. When on open roads, racing will adhere to traffic laws.

47. How difficult is a stage of Race the World?

Stages for Race the World will be challenging, and at times difficult, but they will never be impossible. The team format allows riders to race to their strengths and support each other to achieve the best result possible. The hardest part of Race the World is the accumulative effect of days and days of racing over rough terrain and in varied weather conditions. We will provide you with advice in advance of your race as to the best ways to train for this type of racing.

48. How many kilometres are covered in each day stage, in a complete leg and for the full round the world ride?

Each Stage (or day) of Race the World is unique. Stages will range from between 200 and 300km depending on the terrain and conditions.

A continental leg will consist of 14 days. 13 racing stages and one rest day somewhere in the middle of the race. A continental leg will be anywhere between 2000km and 4000km.

The full round the world ride distance will be 17,500km.

49. How many kilometers will you need to ride each stage/day?

Each team will collectively need to cover between 200-300km per stage, although each rider will only need to be on the road for a certain amount of that, specified each day. Your team manager will work with you to produce a daily strategy, giving the team the maximum chance of achieving their goal, whilst challenging individuals according to their strengths and personal objectives.

50. What is the role of the team support crew?

Each team will have two support staff that look after the non-racing elements of the team’s operations. Building and de-rigging the team’s camp location each night and preparing everything that riders need to keep them on the road.

51. What will be provided in the Race Village each night?

The Race Village is unique to Race the World and allows the race to go to remote locations which would usually be unavailable due to lack of suitable accommodation. The Race Village will consist of the following:
  • Central bivouac area to eat and socialise with other teams
  • A media tent to charge electronics, or share your experience with friends and family
  • A communal area with comfortable chairs for relaxing, tables and benches for eating and planning the following stages
  • Washing facilities and toilets
  • Washing and drying facilities for kit and clothes
  • Private tent area
  • Medical tent
  • Race management tent
  • Prize presentations after each stage

52. How do I travel to the start of my leg and get home post-race?

Race the World is a global race, with global participants, so we want to be as flexible as possible in terms of travel arrangements. It’s up to the participant to arrange their travel to and from the race start, which allows the option for extending stays.

53. Who is behind Race the World?

Race the World Ltd. is a subsidiary of Limelight Sports, the UK’s leading mass participation sports engagement agency. The agency has created and delivered some of the most high profile, and most talked about sports participation experiences in the UK including the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile, Sky Ride and Energizer Night Run.

Limelight Sports also organises Swimathon, the world’s biggest fundraising swimming challenge, and works with the Royal Parks Foundation to stage a unique half marathon in London. Additionally, the agency owns properties such as London Duathlon, the world’s biggest duathlon and Boutique Sport, a women’s only fitness programme.
Limelight Sports has enjoyed a very successful period in recent years capitalising on the ever-increasing popularity in mass participation sporting events.  The agency has developed several new and original events as well as building on the success of its more established programmes. 
Others in the industry have also recognised this success; in 2011 the agency was voted Sport Agency of the Year at the Sport Industry Awards and was named Sponsorship Agency of the Year at the 2012 Hollis Sponsorship Awards.